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There is nothing that has the power to transform a home like paint. The old and worn is made new, the uninspiring becomes excitement, beauty and rest. We offer full service interior painting, from room repaints to luxury trim packages. Explore the questions below to learn about who we are and what makes us different!

What makes us different?

  • We care about your home. When you hire a professional to work in your home, especially for a project that will physically transform your space, that is a big deal and takes trust. We do not take that lightly!
  • We care about your experience. When you hire us at Remnant Restoration, we want you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. We commit to clarity and frequent communication. We also want to leave you with a result you love, which is why every project is eligible for a complimentary color consultation with an interior designer.
  • We care about our craft. We not only thoroughly complete our tested processes that deliver quality results and trade best practice, but we are also invested in producing the quality results ourselves. We only use the appropriate, highest quality products on your home to ensure your home stays beautiful for as long as possible.
  • We care about cleanliness. We take protecting your home seriously! Besides extensive masking, using dust control measures and using dustless sanding equipment, we also use new protective floor coverings rather than dirty drop cloths. 


What paints do you use on interiors?

For walls: We use Benjamin Moore Scuff-X and Fine Paints of Europe Eurolux. Scuff-X is a dependable, durable product with built-in scuff resistant technology. Scuff-X is recommended for homes that receive higher than usual wear and tear, and for clients who like having a bit of sheen to their wall finish. Eurolux is recommended for homes that will be painted with deep, bold colors or clients that prefer a flat/matte finish. Eurolux is the only paint on the market with a flat paint that is truly scrubbable. 

For trim: We use Benjamin Moore Scuff-X and offer Fine Paints of Europe Eco and Hollandlac. Scuff-X is our standard trim paint as it is beautiful and durable, designed to be scuff resistant. In high finishes it can be kicked with a work boot and it will be difficult to leave a scuff. For premium trim packages, Fine Paints of Europe is recommended as it evokes a wow factor like no other, while having unrivaled durability. 

For ceilings: We use Benjamin Moore ultra flat ceiling paint unless requested otherwise. The more sheen that is in paint, the more it highlights imperfections and draws your eye to it. Ceilings should rarely be what your eye should be focusing on, and an ultra flat finish provides the brightness while not drawing your eye to the ceiling.

What is Fine Paints of Europe?

Fine Paints of Europe is an importer and distributor of paint from Holland known for their luxury enamels, particularly their mirror-like, “brilliant” gloss finishes. They also sell various premium wall paints, primers, and varnishes.

Their products do not contain many of the fillers and deadeners of domestic products, while also using premium pigments. The result is higher quality and a dangerously attractive finish.

What is the benefit of Fine Paints of Europe?

For trim: There is no product in the market that can evoke a “wow” factor like Fine Paints of Europe while providing unrivaled durability. For premium trim packages, options can can range from traditional brushed oil enamel, brilliant gloss, silky satin.

For walls: Besides being similar in cost to Benjamin Moore Aura or Sherwin Williams Emerald, it has greater advantages. Because Eurolux has less fillers and deadeners, their flat is the only truly scrubbable and washable “flat” on the market. Coupled with higher quality pigments, the finish is simply more attractive.

What sheen should I choose for my project?

A general rule of thumb is flat/matte/eggshell on walls and satin/semi-gloss/high gloss on trim, and flat on ceilings. Rooms that have many imperfections (old, wavy plaster walls), a flat or matte is recommended as to not highlight imperfections even more. Some rules are also meant to be broken as well! Ask our interior designer during your complimentary color consultation if you are looking to make a statement!

Do you do drywall or plaster repair services?

Yes, we offer drywall and plaster repair, however we are not drywall or plaster contractors meaning we will not take on full drywall/plaster projects.

Do you offer interior wood staining/refinishing services?

At the moment, we do not focus on interior wood staining, but will consider each one and decide on a project to project basis.

Do you paint kitchen cabinets?

At the moment, we are selective with kitchen projects we take on. Feel free to tell us more about your kitchen if you are interested.

Do you offer wall covering services?

We do not offer wall covering installation services at this time.

What do your different packages look like?

Unlike exterior painting, the real difference in packages comes down to aesthetics, level of craftsmanship and amount of prep.

For the discerning clients, there is truly a tremendous difference between trim that has been lightly prepped and brushed, and trim that has gone through extensive prep and has a sprayed, furniture grade finish. There is a difference between a wall with light prep and a wall that has been skim coated with all textures and uneven surfaces removed. Our interior packages are as follow:

- Base interior
- Premium interior
- Luxury interior

Please inquire if you are interested in hearing about our packages which may be right for you!

Do you help with selecting colors?

Yes! With every project, we offer a complimentary color consultation with an interior designer. It is very important to us that you LOVE the final result of your project!

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Committed to Extraordinary craftsmanship

Get world-class results alongside an incomparable client experience.
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