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There is nothing quite like mineral paint on masonry. Mineral based paints offer extraordinary finishes that will not fail like exterior paints will on masonry. With limewash, a distressed patina can be created instantly to add unique character to your brick exterior or even fireplace. With mineral paints, unique finishes can even be created for interior walls that add a text and ambiance unachievable by standard wall paints.

what makes us different?

  • We care about your home. When you hire a professional to work on your home, especially for a project that will physically transform your space, that is a big deal and takes trust. We do not take that lightly! 
  • We care about your experience. When you hire us at Remnant Restoration, we want you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. We commit to clarity and frequent communication. We also want to leave you with a result you love, which is why every project is eligible for a complimentary color consultation with an interior designer.
  • We care about our craft. We not only thoroughly complete our tested processes that deliver quality results and trade best practice, but we are also invested in producing the quality results ourselves. We only use the appropriate, highest quality products on your home to ensure your home stays beautiful for as long as possible.
  • We care about cleanliness. We take protecting your home seriously! Besides extensive masking, using dust control measures and using dustless sanding equipment, we also use new protective coverings, even over landscaping!


What is the difference between limewash and mineral paint?

Limewash is a simple lime slurry often limited to a few off-whites, and can be washed off during the application process, giving the applicator the ability to create variations of the desired “distressed” look.

Mineral paints are designed to be a solid finish paint for masonry and even drywall surfaces. Variations in appearance can be achieved depending on the technique of application of the mineral paint, particularly for interiors.

What products do you use?

We use products from Romabio, Beeck Mineral Paints, KEIM. We use Romabio for all limewash projects, while we use Beeck and KEIM for mineral silicate paint.

On interiors, some manufacturers are Color Atelier and Portola Paints, while there are other boutique mineral wall paint manufacturers.

Where can you use mineral paints?

Mineral paints can be used on any unpainted brick or masonry surfaces, and it can even be applied to painted masonry and even drywall for interiors!

What is the benefit of using mineral paint on exteriors?

Using mineral paint, silicate or lime based paints, is essentially like painting your masonry with rock. It literally becomes part of your masonry, rather than a coating that sits on top. It will never peel or flake, but rather will patina and wear off over time (just like all masonry!). It remineralizes the masonry, is UV protective, fully breathable, mildew resistant and is a green product.

What’s wrong with exterior paint on masonry?

While it may look nice to use exterior paints or elastomeric coatings on brick and masonry, it is a recipe for failure. Masonry needs to be able to breathe and by putting a film forming coating that will act as a moisture barrier, paint failure in the forms of flaking, peeling, cracking is inevitable. Water will always find a way into your, peeling and flaking is often caused by moisture trying to find it’s way out, and often that is through paint.

Can it be used over a previously painted surface?

For many surfaces, yes! Depending on the product and surface, it may require a limeproof primer.

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Committed to Extraordinary craftsmanship

Get world-class results alongside an incomparable client experience.
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