Our Process

The story of how we got started on Webflow

Relume was started by two guys with the same mission.
Our story starts 8 years ago... Strap in.

Step 1


At the start of every project, scope of work and colors are verified, inquiring about any house rules or pertinent information we need to be sensitive to as we work on the project.
Step 2


After furniture has been moved, all furniture and floors are well protected.

Carpet is covered with carpet shield and hard floors are protected with roofing underlayment, taped with delicate surface tape.

Zip walls and dust control measures are installed in places where high amounts of dust or spraying will occur.

For exteriors, plants and landscaping are covered with breathable covering, disposable covering and plastic is laid down where scraping occurs.
Step 3


Prep is the foundation of painting and the most important variable when it comes to quality.

For interiors, we go the extra mile to achieving smooth surfaces to work with. At Remnant Restoration we...
  • Repair and patch all unwanted nail holes, indentations, screw pops in the walls. Scuff sand walls before painting.
  • Scuff sand trim (baseboards, door trim, window trim, crown molding, doors).
  • Remove any failed caulking and re-caulk using a high elastomeric caulking.
  • Fill any holes and repair damaged corners with a two part wood epoxy.
  • For premium interior packages, there is extensive sanding, filling, skimming and priming on surfaces.
For exteriors, the key is ensuring every inch of exterior substrates are sound. Which means, we'll...
  • Scrape any loose or flaking paint on the painted exterior.
  • Do a general sand on raw wood, sanding off any frayed wood fibers.
  • Spot prime alligatored cracks with XIM Peelbond, spot prime raw wood with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Long Oil primer.
  • Caulk joints in painted trim or where appropriate with a high elastomeric sealant. Fill any holes with wood filler and sand spots smooth.
  • For premium exterior packages, exteriors are extensively sanded or chemically stripped, requiring additional priming, filling and sanding.
Step 4


After the foundation is laid with prep and priming, we apply the appropriate, high quality paints to your interior or exterior, which deliver not only beauty but longevity.
Step 5

clean up

We ensure we do not leave any dust or debris around our project areas. After protection is uncovered, floors and surfaces are vacuumed and wiped, landscaping around home is checked for debris.
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